FAQ for “Christmas at Home with The Ennis Sisters”.

Christmas at Home with The Ennis Sisters” will be streamed directly from The Ennis Sisters’ website (  Choose Christmas Show from the menu options and click on the link to enter your password you received via email when you purchased your ticket.

Go to

and simply click on the video to view ticket options to buy. Click the option that best suits you (Individual, Group or Corporate). 

The group rate is recommended for groups of four or more in the same household to show support for the artist. 

With the purchase of a ticket, you will receive an email with a pass code.  Like an iTunes movie rental, once you’ve entered your code (anytime between Dec 12 – January 1st) you can watch the show unlimited times.

It can be streamed on any device (such as laptop, iPhone or desktop) connected to Wi-Fi, it can be mirrored from your device to your smart TV or you can hook up your device to your TV using an HDMI cable. 

With the purchase of an individual ticket, you will receive one code and you will be able to view on multiple devices in your home. If you have different people viewing from different households, we would recommend purchasing individual tickets. This will provide each ticket holder with the flexibility to watch on their own schedule. You can then simply provide them with the code you receive upon purchase of the ticket.